You Wouldn't Want to be a Revolutionary War Soldier

We’re having great success with “The Colt Fire.” Your teacher guides are truly the best of any I’ve read. Thanks for creating such wonderful adventures and educational materials. These kind of excellent resources make learning fun.

Anne Marie Keeler, NIE Coordinator, Kalamazoo Gazette

   Tom Ratliff is an award-winning author of dozens of books and stories for young readers. He has been published by Salariya Books of London, Scholastic Books, Barron’s, and the National Geographic Society. Tom's short stories have been serialized nationally in the Newspapers in Education Program. Tom is also the co-author of the Matty Trescott series (as Carroll Thomas), published by Smith and Kraus Publishing. His writing has been ably illustrated by a number of artists, including David Antrim, Larry Howard, Lisa Goldfinger, Mark Bergin, Penko Gelev, Li Sidong, and local artists Stacy Peterson and Miranda Norris


   Tom Ratliff's serialized stories, written for upper elementary and middle school curriculum are available through the Newspapers In Education program (NIE) as a part of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). Each story is an original work of historical fiction written set against the backdrop of an event or historical era, and each provides a blend of historical fact, social history, and strong characters. Current titles and themes include "The Drinking Gourd" (Underground Railroad), "The Colt Fire" (Civil War-era Hartford), "Fair Wind of Liberty" (1781 British raid on New London), "Artemis, Huntress of the Seas" (whaling ship), and "Pony Express Rider." Stories include teacher’s guides, illustrations, and historical background and maps as needed.

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Salariya Books

   Tom's writings for Salariya Books of London include three in the Danger Zone/You Wouldn't Want to Be series (published in the U.S. by Scholastic Books), three graphic novelizations for Barron's Graphic Classics series, and a book on how to be a Revolutionary War soldier for the National Geographic Society. You can find all of these books online through Amazon or at Salariya Books.
   Presented in graphic novel format, each title provides an informative approach to the subject, dramatized with high-quality color illustrations. Each Graphic Classics title includes a thumbnail biography of the author, a list of his or her important works, a timeline of historic events that helped inspire the story, and an index.

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