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From Amazon Reviews:

The Town on Rambling Creek is an excellent historical fiction novel. As a teacher of American history, I enjoyed and appreciated the use of facts that accurately depicted what a person moving west may have encountered during the period of time after the Civil War. Matty and Tom's experiences in the novel were typical to most pioneers. Carroll Thomas weaves the events of America's past creatively into the fifth Matty Trescott novel. I found this book to be my favorite in the series and look forward to reading the next story about Matty and her adventures!

Town on Rambling Creek was named a Notable Book in the Writers Notes Magazine Book Award contest for 2005

"The Town on Rambling Creek is the best novel in the Matty Trescott series, a novel that could be read time and time again."     Matt LeBlanc, 8th grade student, Berlin, Connecticut

In the spring of 1868 Matty and Tom are graduated from medical school and must decide where they want to settle down. Tom hopes they will go back to Simsbury and take over his father's medical practice but Matty is haunted by her past and longs to return to Kansas. In the end they decide to move to a new town in central Kansas that was founded by Matty's brother, Henry.

        From Henry's letters, Matty and Tom have assumed that Rambling is a bustling town but they arrive to discover only seven buildings and fewer than fifty people living there. As they settle in and set up their medical practice, they learn that Henry's dream for a successful town is based more on his hopes than anything else. Matty struggles to help Tom adjust to life on the prairie while she faces old-fashioned ideas about women and resistance to her role as a woman doctor.

An Excerpt from The Town on Rambling Creek:

              The sound of crashing glass told me that Henry was coming through the window. As quickly as I could, I cocked my head to see what was happening. Jake turned and fired a shot, hitting Henry in the shoulder. At the same time Tom jumped through the other window and fired his gun. Tom's shot hit Jake's hand, and the man dropped his gun. In an instant, I lunged forward and picked up the weapon.

From the Author:

The Town on Rambling Creek is set in Kansas. After the Civil War Kansas grew rapidly as thousands of people moved into the state. The population of Kansas tripled in a few years as the completion of the Kansas Pacific Railroad opened up the prairie to settlement at an unprecedented rate. We were excited about writing the story of Matty and Tom as they set out on their lives together, and it was a challenge to develop Tom's character a little more, and fun to bring back some of our favorite characters from other books.